Adobe Illustrator CC (2014) is one of the most powerful tools for creating, editing, and deploying drawn digital graphics! uCertify’s illustrator course will provide you a step by step guide to look up to and subsequently it would help your skills getting refined and absolute.

Use uCertify’s Illustrator CC (2014) to make your work look like a magic not mess. The tools appear to be difficult to operate & use, but learning through the course makes a tough thing simpler and as easy as a piece of cake. The course is a 100% exam coverage comprising of an interactive e-book, pre-assessment, 100 practice questions with full explanations, 99 interactive quizzes, and much more.

‘Practice makes a man perfect’, so try using tools and techniques with the help of our course over and over again so you get used to them. Move through the course briskly, get command on the course and prepare for the certification exam. The journey with the course would be great and the results awesome.
Adobe Illustrator CC (2014)

JavaScript is a simple, powerful, and popular programming language that is built into web browsers.

uCertify’s JS-Beginner is a fundamental course for learning JavaScript. The course has been designed to cover the basics required for beginners. Students looking forward to make a career in Web designing and programming can study from our course.

The course has been updated with practice questions which gives you an in -depth knowledge and helps in creating a strong foundation of  course fundamentals.The course has been divided into four sections. It starts with pre-assessment, followed by 10 chapters covering flashcards, quizzes and exercises, 2 practice tests comprising of 80 questions and  ends with post assessment.

The course has been drafted in conversational style making it lively and less monotony. JavaScript is a conceptual language but once you understand the basics, it begins to make sense. Hang in there during early going while the mud is deep. Things will fall into place for you later in the book.

uCertify announces the latest release of Adobe Flash CC 2014 certification course. The course will sail you through the Flash CC 2014 interface and help you learn the tools and features used in drawing graphic designs and animated sequences. Flash CC is a great platform for creating animated websites.

The course helps you gain knowledge about the platform by covering chapters in a sequential format with flashcards, quizzes, exercises, and videos. It has been divided into pre-assessment, 14 chapters, practice tests, and post assessment. The course has 100 practice questions and 76 interactive quizzes.

The target student for this course is a designer or developer who is new to Flash. The student may be a graphic designer, website developer, multimedia designer, or game designer. Adobe Flash CC 2014 certification will provide the basic foundation or blueprint to students looking for a career in the said field.
Adobe Flash CC (2014)

117-201 and 117-202 are required exams for LPI certification Level 2. These exams cover advanced skills for the Linux professional that are common across all distributions of Linux. The certification has predefined objectives and each objective is assigned a weighted value. Objectives with higher weights are covered in the exam with more questions.

uCertify is an online tool that helps students train for upcoming test on LPI 117-201 and 117-202. We offer a simple exam interface where students can test their knowledge and reattempt the answers they failed to give correctly. Both the courses have been updated with the latest content as per the syllabus for the certification.

117-201 course covers an interactive e-book, pre-assessment, 235 practice questions with full explanations, 166 interactive quizzes, and performance analytics.

117-202 course also covers an interactive e-book, pre-assessment, 192 practice questions with full explanations, 82 interactive quizzes, and performance analytics.

LPIC-2 Certified Professional has several career opportunities open including network administrator, linux developer, or linux administrator. uCertify course covers all the basics students need to know before they walk into the testing center. Our comprehensive preparation kit helps students maximize their learning process. As far as career is concerned, there can be no room for guessing and taking chances.

LPIC-2 Exam 1 & LPIC-2 Exam 2

jQuery is an open source JavaScript library. uCertify’s Beginning jQuery course covers all the topics required for learning jQuery at an initial level. The course is your step-by-step guide to learning the jQuery library, taking you from the basics of getting started with jQuery right through to extending jQuery by writing your own plug-ins.

Throughout Beginning jQuery, you’ll discover how expressive yet concise jQuery’s code is and how much quicker and efficient you can develop with jQuery! The course has been drafted into four sections: pre-assessment, chapters and lessons, practice tests, and lastly the post assessment. The chapters and lessons further comprises of flashcards, quizzes and exercises. The course has 100 practice questions and 47 interactive quizzes to provide practical experience.

By combining jQuery with uCertify, you get the best of both worlds. uCertify’s Beginning jQuery is the best tool for it.

Beginning jQuery

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 exam is the highest official certification you can get, proving your skills in Photoshop and it can help further in your career in the creative industry. This course doesn’t include the actual exam, it only helps you prepare for it.

The course has been divided into four sections. It starts with 15 pre-assessment questions, followed by lessons and chapters that include flashcards, quizzes, exercises, and videos, further followed by two practice test comprising of 40 questions each and finally the post assessment of 40 questions. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to take the Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CC exam. Finishing this course will provide you a complete understanding and deep knowledge of all the tools and features of Photoshop CC.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 can be pursued by a student planning a career as a designer, to become a Certified Photoshop Expert, to teach Photoshop as an Adobe Certified Instructor or even a homemaker helping her kids make school assignments with Photoshop.

The course is detailed covering every aspect of the software, user friendly, easy to understand and helps open up eyes to more efficient ways to tackle design projects.

Do take a look, try it online free of cost, and then make the final decision. You are the best judge!!

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (2014)

uCertify prepkit has different styles of questions. To increase the interactivity of the course, the Fill in the blank style item type has been upgraded with four forms:

  • Single correct answer in a text box
  • Multiple correct answer in a text box
  • Fill in the blanks with drop down
  • Fill in the blanks with drag and drop


Each type has its own presentation style and benefits.The prepkits which are now  released have been upgraded with the feature which makes the exercises and practice questions more interesting and less monotonous for the students.

Matching questions have a content area and a list of names or statements which must be correctly matched against another list of names or statements. uCertify has upgraded its platform and introduced three styles of match list item type:

  • Single match
  • Multi match
  • Image-based match

The latest release prepkits have been updated with the same. The three styles have their unique features and steps for performing the tasks. The styles are user friendly and least cumbersome.

Students can avail the advantage as now they have different item type to work and practice upon. The upgradation in the feature makes the prepkits interesting, lively and minimises the boredom. For more details log onto

Dreamweaver CC, the newest version of Adobe’s acclaimed website creation software guides you through Dreamweaver’s coding environment and visual interface. Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014 provides students with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to build and manage dynamic websites using Dreamweaver CC 2014.

The course has been drafted covering the basics of website creation. The course is divided into 14 chapters and each chapter into lessons, flashcards, quizzes, exercise, and videos. Each section is detailed in such a manner that a student can have factual and realistic understanding with hands-on experience performing simulators. It ensures that you are confident on the topics you have completed before proceeding further in your course. The course has its pre-assessment, practice tests,  and post assessment helping you gauge your knowledge and understanding at every level of the course.

Dreamweaver CC 2014 is a hands-on course that teaches students how to move beyond standard, static websites.This course is most valuable for students who have been given responsibilities to create or maintain a website. It will also be valuable for new web designers, web developers, and graphic artists who want to extend their skills in creating a complete website.

Do take a look, try it online free of cost, and then make the final decision. You are the best judge!!

Adobe’s Dreamweaver CC


We at uCertify are continuously focused on delivering the latest  IT courses to our students. We are extremely excited to announce the immediate availability of HTML5 and CSS3 course for absolute beginners.  As of October 2014, HTML5 is the final and complete fifth revision of the HTML standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). CSS3 has been a W3C Working Draft since May 23, 2001. CSS3 is evolving at an equally rapid rate and is ready to be embraced right now.

Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 is tailored to match the needs of a beginner and is developed for those who are at the initial stage of learning HTML5 and CSS3. We will teach students the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3 programming. We’ll walk you through getting web principals, writing code and much more! Each concept is divided into its own section so that students can search for and focus on the information they need. The course starts with pre-assessment, followed by 13 chapters which include flashcard, quizzes & exercises, two practice tests comprising of 101 questions, and last but not the least a post assessment.

We encourage you to take the plunge and avail yourself of the opportunities it offers.

HTML5 and CSS3